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Since the very beginning, my view on movies has been clear, snarky, and detailed. Keep reading for the Movie Reviews, they are here in all their glory. You’ll also find new and upcoming book announcements as I get back into my publication schedule. And I’ll tell you all about the struggles of life, love, and loss when I get around to it.

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Thor Ragnarök

Thor Ragnarök was a massive departure from the previous two Thor entries, dispensing sobriety and romance for humor and sarcasm, to massive success – both critically and financially. Chris Hemsworth returns for his fifth film (sixth when you count his minor cameo at the end of the credits for Doctor Strange, itself a scene from … Continue reading Thor Ragnarök

Spider-Man Homecoming

Between the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its current slate of films, fans have constantly been clamoring for the reunification of the intellectual property under the sole control of Marvel (re-Disney). Spider-Man officially joined the MCU at the beginning of its third phase, when he was introduced as a potential ally to Iron … Continue reading Spider-Man Homecoming

Doctor Strange (2016)

There were rumblings when it became clear that Marvel (and by the end of their second year) might not focus on aspects of their comic book world that was too fantastical. How about the serum used to create the Hulk? Science-based. Thor and the Asgardians? Rooted in science, misunderstood by man, and misinterpreted throughout history. … Continue reading Doctor Strange (2016)


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