Lloydd Marshall

Author Extraordinaire

I grew up all over the West Coast (So Cali, Vegas, Spokane, Seattle, Honolulu). I love to write, read, and watch movies. I can be (very) opinionated. Brownie night is every night. Come join me for the good stuff.

A Few things about me you should know
  • I love to write all kinds of stories, from romance to fantasy to mystery and horror – they all kind of intertwine here and there.
  • I am awesome at building interesting worlds, and sometimes get lost in them right along with my readers.
  • A strong female character isn’t one who just fights well but is well-rounded in all aspects of her character – just like everybody else. Most of my lead characters are women and I work to explore all facets of their lives as they are drawn into whatever zany plot their story is about.
  • When it comes to films, there are few I don’t like and many that I love – I hope to keep you all up to date on new and current releases, as well as a ton of films from the back catalog.
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