UnstoppableUnstoppable, it has an insane premise that relies on stupidity, idiocy, and absolute absentmindedness and that is precisely what makes it hilariously awesome!

Who needs to think about the details when you have actors you actually like doing something that makes clearly no sense and yet manages to make a fun movie? Chris Pine, Denzel Washington, and Rosario Dawson are quite the trio in this flick, despite the latter of the three only spending a finite number of scenes with the former two, their dialogue is far more entertaining because of this.

Can you imagine going about your day job and, because you’re an idiot, you allow a train to coast down the track unmanned? If not then you have half a mind and even on an off day you’d clearly be able to keep the plot from happening. Would you, in order to get a great shot for your news channel, hover a helicopter near someone trying to stop said train (which is now a missile because of its speed, fuel, and cargo)? No, then that means you have half a mind and don’t want to blow up half of a state. Would you, in an effort to minimize damage and maximize profit, ignore the sound advice of those who understand what they’re saying? If not, then you have half a mind and should be completely okay in the world. Don’t even get me started on the police force firing away at what amounts to a marble next to a fuel supply on a MOVING train.

Idiocy is rampant in this film, it’s the glory of the action genre because we sure do love a body count. Rosario Dawson, Chris Pine, and Denzel Washington are doing everything in their power to prevent a catastrophic disaster from occurring while everyone else seems to be poking the tail of a dragon expecting it to be docile and comply. The action genre runs on stupidity because it can generally hold onto our willing suspense of disbelief (that is, how much BS we’re willing to take before we call BS and cast a movie as completely illogical. Fantasy tends to have a much easier job at holding our suspension of disbelief for some reason, who knows maybe it’s because we really do LOVE our dragons!!).

Regardless of the idiocy, a fun movie is a good movie (no matter the reviews, box office grosses, and the like) it’s simply true. If you enjoy something, it’s good in your eyes. Sometimes you need a good laugh, and for that I would definitely recommend sitting through this movie, because you will be laughing at the cringe worthy (and by all accounts, should also be fatal) mistakes made by our beloved characters.

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