Bad Teacher

Bad TeacherGenre films have their places, as I’ve mentioned before. Action keeps us entertained with nonsensical BS, horror keeps us entertained with impractical gore, drama brings us to tears whether we want to or not (I’m looking at you Shailene Woodley, DAMN YOU for The Fault in Our Stars! Which may or may not get reviewed next week for reasons we have yet to determine!!), and comedy makes us laugh our asses off and forget our problems for ninety minutes to two hours (almost never longer than this). Bad Teacher, staring Cameron Diaz, is one of those movies. It offers up (at least what we hope) is an impossible occurrence of a… well a bad teacher.

A lot of people will brag about having a hot teacher who is fun and stuff, but when you get one who is hot, fun, a drug addict, and so on it really does hinder your education. But since this is TV land who gives a damn, Cameron Diaz is absolutely freaking hilarious when she does comedy.

A gold digger (putting it mildly) who “teaches” children is forced back into her profession when her fiancé finally realizes that she loved his money more than him (but really he was kind of annoying so it was okay). Elizabeth (Diaz) arrives with a hangover we meet Amy Squirrel (Lucy Punch), who despite being in the right most of the time is so much more annoying I’d side with Cameron Diaz simply to destroy her for opening her mouth. (What can I say, she was really annoying). We are introduced to the wonderfully average gym teacher Russell (Jason Segel) and the hilariously inept, but filthy rich, substitute teacher Scott (Justin Timberlake). Clearly you see where Elizabeth is gonna go.

Elizabeth has been saving up for a new pair of boobs (because you unfortunately have to buy them in pairs or people look at you like you’re weird) and plans many a whacky scheme to get the money, including a car wash where she may or may not have dipped into the till (Amy saw it and, well, who knows), and eventually decides to stop showing movies all day and actually teach her kids when she learns that there is a $5700.00 bonus to the teacher with the highest test scores.

Needless to say, her kids are shocked when she starts taking her job seriously (actually kicking a kid out for making a joke. She does it so abruptly I had to pause for five minutes so I could stop laughing my ass off). Elizabeth might be an awful teacher who should never have been given her job, but damn if she didn’t do it a hundred times better when there was money on the line!

Bad Teacher was a funny film, Cameron Diaz always manages to make me laugh whenever she says or does anything (granted if a person did some of this in real life I might just call the police and child services for good measure). Jason Segel, Justin Timberlake, and Lucy Punch really add to the film, giving it a well-rounded cast for us to laugh at. Pick this up and you might just be pleasantly surprised.



1 thought on “Bad Teacher

  1. Never caught this one. I might check it out, based on you review.


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