Home Alone

With its pintsized stalker, ingenious traps that go off without a hitch, and two would-be victims, you might think that I’m describing the movie Saw but you’d be sorely mistaken my dear readers. This film is Home Alone and he was Jigsaw before Jigsaw had a hand up his backside.

Home Alone

Macaulay Culkin before he grew up into whatever he is now plays the cute, energetic, and precocious Kevin McCallister. He is the youngest of the McCallister children and as such is the butt of every joke in what can only be described as the most dysfunctional, harried, and forgetful family ever. Granted they overslept and granted they have like four other kids, a couple of grandparents, and aunt or two or something else but really… how do you forget your own child at home?


Home Alone familyWell, regardless of their bad parenting, this film is one of the most adorable comedy films I’ve ever watched.

When forgotten about by his family as they rush to the airport for a Christmastime getaway, Kevin must do everything in his power to keep from starving to death whilst enjoying the freedom of not having to deal with older siblings, parents who don’t understand him, and touchy, touchy family members. Of course, this being a comedy, it’s a dream come true at first and then the plot comes swooping in like a bear out of town.

Home Alone 1

Two burglars, played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern (The Wet Bandits don’t you know) somehow come to the one neighborhood where everyone is wealthy enough to abandon their two story three-to-four-to five bedroom homes for at least a few days. Having struck gold, all but literally, they decide to rob the houses blind. Unfortunately for them, someone forgot their child at home and this little kid is going to make their lives a living H-E-DOUBLE-L!

Realizing their gross error in the parenting department, Pete and Kate McCallister (played by John Heard and Catherine O’Hara) decide it would be a good idea to send Kate back home on any flight that heads back to the states…. And ends up in Scranton, PA with the same issue. Some people just can’t catch a break.

Home Alone 2

As things start to get hairy in Chicago, Kevin is determined to protect his family home and goes out of his way to unleash all of his Jigsaw techniques on the would-be burglars, who right about now are probably wishing they’d hit the house next door.

Home Alone is a cute, adorable movie that I’m sure you’ve seen but should probably see again! Just don’t forget your child at home (twice) otherwise I’m sure CPS is going to get involved and you’ll just be able to forget about them all.


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