Fired Up!

When thinking of cheerleading movies, Bring It On is always on that list. However, one movie that’s always on my list is Fired Up! which always plays up the FU of its title.

Fired UpStarring Nicholas D’Agosto and Eric Christian Olsen as Shawn Colfax and Nick Brady, two football players who apparently are able to sleep with every woman in their school, have decided that they are tired of the women at their school. So they join the cheerleading squad just before their huge competition for the sole purpose of sleeping with every chick on the premises. Yes, straight men actually took advantage of the concept of joining a team almost entirely made up of women to hang out with women and sleep with them. Thankfully the ladies know their reputation and are wary, but desperate, because they want to win this competition for the first time and know that they need male cheerleaders for some of the more difficult stunts.

Fired Up 3So yes, “Fired Up!” is a movie about two guys wanting to sleep with a lot of women, but are then used by those same women to get their own goals met. Yes, people, we finally have a movie where men and women are mutually using one another for their particular skills with little or no hesitation on either gender’s part.

Fired Up 2This is a hilarious comedy with a moral, as one would hope it would have of course. The cast includes Sarah Roemer as Carly Davidson the captain of the cheeleading team being infiltrated, AnnaLyne McCord as Gwyneth their opponents head cheerleader, Daneel Harris (now the wife of Jensen Ackles of Supernatural fame!) as Bianca, fellow cheerleader to Carly Fired Up 5and best friend, Margo Hershman as Sylvia, another fellow cheerleader of Carly’s and other best friend, and Molly Sims as Diora, the coach’s wife and the woman of Shawn’s dreams.

This film relishes in its humor and doesn’t let its plot be derailed by such silly things as character development at the end of its movie (it actually has the guys slowly changing throughout the whole movie and they don’t realize it until the end). Fired Up is a good movie for a fun time, filled with people you may or may not know but who are nevertheless entertaining in their own right.

Fired Up 4Much like Bring It On, a healthy amount of the runtime is devoted to the actual cheerleading portion of the premise, and the elaborate stunts are treated realistically in the same vein. So, take bowl of popcorn, throw in your DVD or Bluray and sit back and enjoy this movie while you can still handle laughing!




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