Random Review – The Deconstruction

We have spent the entire week looking over what a deconstruction is, why and how they are important, and how they can breathe new life into a stalled industry. Whether comedy is at the core of a deconstruction ultimately depends on two things, your definition of comedy and how devolved the tropes and clichés are within that genre.


A perfect example is Mean Girls, which is a deconstruction of the high school movie. We expect the hot jock and the mean girl to be in a relationship because they’re both vapid people, but when looking deeper there is more to them both. When Aaron Samuels is presented with the chance to get with Cady, he doesn’t because she is too like Regina and he has finally realized that that isn’t for him.

Mean Girls (2004) (l to r) Lacey Chabert, Rachel McAdams, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried

This is clearly what you wanted!

Look at Cabin in the Woods, how many of you recognized the tried and true tropes of the horror genre being given what amounts to a laughable but tolerable explanation. Why don’t the heroes hold onto the weapons they just used to brutally tear through a monster? Electricity shocks you so you drop it! Why is leaving the area where you know there is a maniacal killer out there stalking, killing, and doing god knows what else to your friends? A barrier is going to be your end, of course!


This is what you really wanted, though!

The tried and true is funny when it is so overblown that it is simply stale and uninteresting. Seeing the same archetypes be plagued with the same problems over and over again with the same old solutions isn’t entertaining. It’s boring, and the deconstruction knows that. When it plays one of those tropes it is manipulating it to the point where the result is nothing like what we as the audience expects.

How seriously are you going to take teen victims who are stupid in a day an age where Netflix has a larger catalogue of slasher flicks than you know what to do with? That’s right, we’re not. How about the hot young thing who’s surprised her minions have revolted because they really don’t like her and fear isn’t as powerful a binding agent as eggs or love (oooh, eat your heart out Azula!)? What you expect is boring. But does that then lead to what you want being refreshing?

No. It doesn’t. We think we want new, fresh, and original ideas but simply look at the different films that are coming out and tell me how many of the original ones were successful? Can you name any of them?

That’s because we don’t like change. At least, we don’t like big change.

A slew of movies are coming out this year that are changing a few things. Things that you wouldn’t really expect and are taking some time in getting used to. The Human Torch is black, Scream is a TV series, Netflix is doing original content, and DC is…. I don’t even know what DC is doing. But they’re trying something new (and by new I mean they’re focusing their entire empire around two characters who have more films behind their belt than Barbie… Maybe not, Barbie has a lot of films these days).

The new thing in Hollywood, which is already annoying the masses to death, is the YA Dystopic Trilogy fest (which may or may not be turned into tetralogies: box office pending of course). The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, Divergent and so on and so forth. It wasn’t just enough to adapt books into movies, now we must adapt an entire genre of books into movies! The only saving grace is that they’ve chosen some interesting tales to tell. Okay, there are more but really, who’s counting… Oh…. Oh you are? Good luck with that.

Back on track.

The deconstruction is a treasured outlet to many. It charges us with letting go of the tried and true and opening ourselves up to new and different ways of experiencing a movie.

Doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun?

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